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Fall 2024 Faculty Development Day

Please checkout “FDD Spring 2024 Resources” for materials and video recordings of Spring 2024 sessions.


Our Fall 2024 theme is “Values, Freedom, and Success: Civil Conversations in a Challenging World.” 

Join us for:

  • 10 morning breakout sessions with faculty, staff, and student presenters (Zoom)
  • Civility, Critical Engagement, and Democratic Education discussion (in person)
  • Complex Social Challenges and Academic Freedom discussion (in person)
  • Lunch with college updates (and swag!) (in person)


  • Innovation & Creativity Meet Complex Social Challenges 
  • Participatory Technology & Critical Engagement 
  • Reflective Practice & Equitable Assessment 
  • Connected Community & Democratic Education 
  • People, Openness, Trust, & Embodied Learning 

Proposal Deadline: Thursday, May 30th, 2024 11:59 pm ET

Click here to submit your proposal!

On November 4, 2024, a new Presidential election will take place. In the midst of international, national, and regional challenges to how we understand and enact our values, we will be in many spaces with our students and each other where we communicate deeply felt beliefs and strongly contested information. This Faculty Development Day will support learning and sharing constructive ways of manifesting our 7 Principles for an Anti-Racist, Culturally Responsive, and Inclusive Curriculum to help us prepare for the this fall’s opportunities and challenges as we maintain our fierce focus on student and faculty success.

Date: Tuesday, August 27 (classes begin on August 28)

Time: 9 am-2:15pm ET (Zoom, 9-10 am  & 11:20 am-12:20 pm;  New Building, 10:20-11 am & 12:40-2:15 pm)

Each of our session tracks combines one of the Attributes of Open Pedagogy with one of our 7 Principles. For each track, we encourage proposals related to career readiness, which can be expressed through all of the topics named below. Here are brief descriptions of what we envision for each track:

Innovation & Creativity Meet Complex Social Challenges: How are we inviting students to understand and address complex social challenges, from climate change to systemic oppression to mass violence? In this track, we are interested in examples of experiential and project-based learning, creative expression, and student-faculty research. Other approaches are welcome!

Participatory Technology & Critical Engagement: GenAI, social media, interactive platforms and activities: when these are matched with activities that increase critical thinking skills and expression, we move towards transforming higher education and our communities. In this track, demonstrations, hands-on workshops, and discussions would work well.

Reflective Practice & Equitable Assessment: Before we assess student learning and course outcomes, we do well to engage in structured reflection, individually and with others. Are there routines and methods that lead to more equitable assessment? This track lends itself to presentations and discussions on this topic.

Connected Community & Democratic Education: Many of us teach courses that involve community engagement and outreach that expand our students’ sense of where we live and what others need. In this track, research presentations, case studies, and research methods successes partner well with the theme.

People, Openness, Trust, & Embodied Learning: What is lived learning? How can we design learning opportunities that include increasing openness and trust to peers that will transfer effectively to their future careers? This track suggests wellbeing assignments, management preparation, and conflict resolution, among many other possibilities.


Proposals will be reviewed the week of June 3rd, with notifications sent by Thursday. June 6th. Please be sure to include your contact information and any times that you may be away from your college email in July or August. 

We are particularly interested in proposals that include career readiness, civil engagement, and student-faculty-staff partnerships within and across disciplines.

Please submit your proposal by completing the application below. Proposal Deadline: Thursday, May 30th, 2024 11:59 pm ET

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