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Spring 2023 FDD FAQs for Participants

Spring 2023 Faculty Development Day Participant FAQs

Where is Faculty Development Day (FDD)  being held for Spring 2023?

Faculty Development Day (FDD)  will be hybrid. There will be virtual breakout sessions on Zoom and in person activities at the college. Our traditional community lunch will also take place at the college. See the agenda for the most recent location information (we will be updating the agenda as we receive confirmations of spaces and links).

Why do faculty participate in FDD? Why should I participate?

Faculty Development Day is a single day conference that takes place twice each year. FDD provides the primary time and space of the academic year for faculty to connect with each other, to explore teaching and learning across disciplines, and to discuss issues of college-wide concern together. Faculty who participate contribute to increased community and professionalism in addition to improving the overall excellence of our work with students and peers. Each person who attends brings something unique and important to our discussions and takes away unique and important resources shared throughout the day. During the pandemic, hundreds of  faculty have participated in Faculty Development Days, helping us to expand and strengthen our connections and knowledge across disciplines and interests.

This spring, we are taking a hybrid approach to Faculty Development Day with opportunities to participate in Zoom breakout sessions led by faculty and staff and chances to meet in person for shared presentations and lunch together with old friends and new. 

Do I have to register in order to attend? Where can I RSVP?

You MUST register to attend. For Zoom sessions, we are advising participants and presentees to update their Zoom accounts and to check their access before their sessions start. We will be sending the full day’s list of Zoom links to registrants on August 23 and will have these ready to share through the TLC email: tlc@jjay.cuny.edu. 

For in person attendance, we require registration in order to comply with Covid-19 policies and to ensure we have sufficient and appropriate food for lunch. Please note that we will not be able to provide kosher or halal meals and encourage those who follow these rules to bring their own. 

Please help us plan effectively for the day by RSVPing at this link. If you are not able to register and want to attend, please email us at  tlc@jjay.cuny.edu.

What are the technical requirements to participate in a Zoom session?

To access the webinar, participants will need the following:

  • A smart device such as a computer, laptop, tablet, or phone
  • Stable internet access (either cable or wireless)
  • Headphones or speakers (these can be built-in speakers or independent)
  • Javascript and cookies must be enabled 
  • A valid John Jay College email address

*We recommend testing your system with Zoom’s requirements before participating in the day’s events.

What accommodations are being made for accessibility?

For the Zoom sessions, live transcripts will be enabled. For in person attendance, there are elevators that access the floors being used in the New Building. Because most spaces in the college have been reserved for other events, there may be a short walk from late morning events tto the Student Dining Room. Please reach out to us at tlc@jjay.cuny.edu with any concerns about accommodations by January 20, 2023.

Do I have to attend the sessions for which I registered?

There are so many great sessions to attend! We agree, and we know it’s hard to choose just 3 out of 10 options for your day. You may attend any session, and please be aware that your RSVP influences our presenters’ preparations and expectations for their time.

For Zoom breakout session participants, FDD session links will be emailed to you on January 23, and on the day of the event our FDD website will have a link to the information.

Please note that emailing the TLC for assistance is a great idea, and because we are multitasking throughout the day, we ask that you be patient in waiting for responses.

For in person participants, we ask that Covid-19 precautions for social distancing be respected and that you wear masks in recognition of the many illnesses circulating and affecting us.

Will the sessions be recorded? Will the presenters make their session resources available after FDD?

The Zoom sessions will be recorded and shared on the FDD website in the weeks following FDD. Yes, after FDD most presenters will share electronic versions of their session resources with the TLC. These will be located on the FDD website under Past FDD Session Resources.

The in person events will not be recorded by the TLC although presentations by outside groups may be recorded and shared by other entities at the college. After FDD, most presenters will share electronic versions of their session resources with the TLC. These will be located on the FDD website under Past FDD Session Resources.

What do I need to do to see the livestream sessions?

The livestream sessions will be available through Zoom. You can watch these with your computer, laptop, or smartphone. We will send instructions before the day with the link and how to access each session. No extra technology beyond the standard desktop, laptop, or smartphone should be needed.

Are John Jay staff welcome to attend?

We are happy to welcome John Jay staff in FDD. Please keep in mind that the day has traditionally been focused on bringing faculty together as a community in spaces that are  otherwise unavailable for this purpose. Given the strong focus on teaching and learning as well as faculty-specific concerns, those staff who work directly with faculty development and/or teach part-time are most likely to benefit from and feel part of the day.

Are external to John Jay guests welcome to attend?

Outside of John Jay guests are welcome to attend if they are presenting information or special guests whose presence has been requested by the College. We respectfully ask that other guests wait for other opportunities to interact with our faculty and staff.

I want to make suggestions for improvement or give credit for excellent presentations: how can I make my voice heard?

Fantastic! Thank you. We will be sharing a feedback survey via email to attendees after FDD. If you’d like to be heard beforehand, please contact the TLC at the email and phone number provided below.

Have a question not covered above? 

Please contact the TLC at tlc@jjay.cuny.edu.

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