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Presenters FAQ’s

Fall 2022 Faculty Development Day Presenter FAQs


Thank you in advance for presenting at our Fall 2022 Faculty Development Day!


Would you be so kind as to  read the following FDD presenter FAQs? If you have additional questions, please let us know!


Do presenters need to register?


Yes! Please RSVP. The DoIT RSVP form collects the responses in an easy format for us to make calculations and adjustments to session logistics and participation data. As our staffing is limited, we streamline tasks such as sharing Zoom access information based on the RSVP spreadsheets. We anticipate that you will appreciate this system when preparing for sessions as we will be able to share the registration numbers with you including departmental affiliations if desired.


We are also relying on your responses to anticipate Covid-19 social distancing needs and food orders for our community lunch. In particular, if you have dietary needs, we want to do our best to accommodate you.


When am I presenting?


We have emailed all the presenters with their proposed session times. When these have been confirmed, you can check your time on theFall2022 FDD At A Glance page and also the Fall 2022 FDD Program page.


For Zoom sessions:


  • When will I receive my Zoom link? 
  • Who will be hosting my session? 
  • What control will I have over my session?


We will share your Zoom link and meeting code a few days before FDD so that you can test your access. One of the TLC staff or allies will be hosting your session in order to facilitate admitting participants and address any security or technological issues. When you enter your session, you host will make you a co-host so that you have access to all the Zoom tools you may need.


What do I need to prepare and have on hand?


We will send you opening and closing slides with essential FDD information for participations. Would you please incorporate these and then have your presentation materials ready to screen share, as well as the links and any handouts you plan to distribute electronically? You may want to prepare a doc or file with links and text to drop into the chat. Your host will contact you a few days before FDD and work with you on these processes.


When do I show up for my presentation?


Please be at your assigned breakout room at least 10 minutes before your session begins. As you will have already uploaded your presentation, this will give you a chance to check plans with the other presenter(s) in your session as well as help to assure that presentations begin on time. If the previous Zoom session has not finished, please be patient. Your host will switch over as soon as possible.


For in person sessions:


  • When can I enter my classroom and begin setting up?
  • Who will be responsible for taking attendance?
  • Will anyone be helping me manage the time?
  • What do I do if there is a technical issue or other concern with which I need help?


We anticipate that you will be able to enter your classroom at least 30 minutes before your presentation. If this timing changes, we will let you know. The TLC Team will assign a staff member or ally to circulate and collect sign in sheets for attendance and will give you cues of when to start your sessions and when you have 10 and 5 minutes remaining, respectively. We advise starting your session at 5 minutes after the scheduled start time to accommodate those just arriving.


For assistance, please step outside your classroom (or ask someone to do this for you) and let the TLC Team member or ally know what you need. We will do our best to assist you as quickly as possible.


What should I do if I have to cancel or have an emergency?


Please email tlc@jjay.cuny.edu and mark the message “High Importance.”


I have additional concerns. Who can help me?


For other needs or questions, please email the TLC at tlc@jjay.cuny.edu.


We look forward to seeing and learning from you on August 24!